I only heard Milly wake up once last night, which was much better than Amanda and I expected.  It was around 2:00 and I got up to check on her.  Her diaper was, as I put it to Amanda, “at capacity,” and it wasn’t with the stuff that’s easier to clean.

Milly was snottier today, but she behaved pretty well overall.  She was still a bit clingy and she’d fuss a good bit for seemingly no reason now and then, but given how obviously crappy she feels, it wasn’t too bad.  I just wish we could teach the poor girl to blow her nose instead of trying to inhale all the snot.  She’d be so much happier.

Amanda called the pediatrician today just to see if she should do anything for Milly.  They never called us back, which we thought was kind of odd.

Since Milly is sick, we decided one of us would stay home with Milly tonight for small group instead of exposing Kirsten to it.  Kirsten seems to get sick if she even looks at a germ, the poor thing.  Originally Amanda was going to stay home, but she was less fussy with me, so I stayed instead.

In Duke news, there’s a lot of chatter and optimism going around concerning Kyrie Irving and his toe.  A lot of us Duke fans are hoping that rumors of his return prior to the ACC tournament are true.

I got my work inbox down to just a few emails, which I thought was a pretty impressive feat given how busy we’ve been of late.