I got an email from Adam Rowe, the guy who runs Duke Hoop Blog.  He contacted me and a couple other regulars from The Devil’s Den, a Duke message board, with the idea of creating a website to promote Nolan Smith as Player of the Year.  We all had some emails back and forth and the site, NdotSmittyPOY.com was born.

Milly had Amanda and me dancing with her before going to bed tonight.  It’s pretty cool to see how she communicates that she wants us to all interact together, and so much fun.

Other than that, there was a lot of cleaning going on around this house today.  Ben, Jessica and Graelyn Lambeth got here around 8:30.  They settled in, let Graelyn use up some energy and then put her to bed.  We all spent some time just chatting before trickling off to bed.

I’m about to change the Baby Stuff category to Milly Stuff, since 90% of the posts in it are specifically about, well, Milly stuff.  That way too, when we have another kid it’ll be easier to find things about one or the other.

Zach Dotsey