Good breakfast- eggs, waffles, sausage.

Had quite a bit of work to do, plus I was trying to get things going for our Nolan Smith fan site.  It’s coming along very nicely.

Ben worked too.  Amanda and Jessica went out for a bit while the girls napped and Ben and I worked.

We had a picnic at Ogden Park, though it was a bit windy.  We had chicken tender wraps.  Yum!

While I was working Ben, unbeknownst to me, raked the yard.  I was going to go pick up some beer for him and for dinner, but when I went to go ask him what kind he wanted I found out that he had just left for the store.  Couldn’t win!

Paul, Kim, Peyton and Parker Ayars came over for dinner.  There was a mix-up in communication and we didn’t initially have enough chicken to grill for everyone for dinner.  We did have a nice, big dinner though, and had a good time hanging out with everyone.

After the Ayars had left and Milly and Graelyn were in bed we introduced the Lambeths to Dominion, which Amanda won by a single point.

Zach Dotsey