The Dotseys and the Lambeths packed up into the Lambethmobile and went to see Amanda’s grandparents in Beulaville for breakfast today.  They fix a good country breakfast of eggs, grits, country ham, biscuits and cheese biscuits every Saturday.  Phil and Karen stopped by too.

Once we got back and the girls went down for a nap we played some Dominion.  After they got up we had a late lunch/early dinner then all went out for a bit.  We went to Blue Moon, where Ben took Graelyn to the ukulele store, then to The Fuzzy Peach then the Port City Java downtown where Amanda’s brother, Michael, works (though he wasn’t there).  Then we just walked around downtown Wilmington for a bit.

Back home, Milly and Graelyn took a bath.  Milly’s been averse to baths for a few weeks, but getting in there with Graelyn seems to have gotten her over that.  Hopefully that’ll stick.  They spent the entire time in the tub splashing.

Once the girls were in bed we played two games of Dominion and two games of Monopoly Deal, which Ben and Jessica had brought with them.  Poor Jessica came in last place in every single game we played this weekend.

Later on we sort of watched American Idol and lazed about on the couches.

Zach Dotsey