Walked to the store with Milly for the first time in a while today.  It used to be a Monday tradition to walk to the store and get a doughnut, but it’s been too cold for a while.  Milly got upset when I got the doughnut (long john, actually) and wouldn’t give it to her right there in the store, and as we walked past the bakery a lady there offered Milly a cookie.  I ended up eating most of the doughnut myself, since Milly was busy with the cookie.

Milly was good for me this morning, but she’s gotten to where she likes to just hang out on my lap when she’s not napping.  It’s sweet and all, but it makes it difficult to answer the phone, much less type on the laptop.

She did play with the box the Frazelles gave her for Christmas a good bit though.  She dragged it from next to the kitchen, around the couch and into the middle of the living room.

Amanda had a rough day at work and had a headache, but Milly, who is usually not very cuddly, cuddled with her mommy.

Milly also cleaned up her blocks (she’s such a great helper!) and took a bath without any issues.  Glad to see she’s over that.

I worked really late.

Zach Dotsey