There was a lot going on today.  First off, we went public with the Nolan Smith Player of the Year website and Twitter account.  There are several of us working on it behind the scenes and it got a pretty good reception.

Duke played Temple and Kyle Singler had quite the game.

I was able to mess with the new computer some.  Even though it’s got the right slot for the HDMI TV card, the case doesn’t seem to be wide enough (or tall enough, depending on how you turn it) to fit the card in.  Argh!  What to do?

Milly did several new things.  She asked me and Amanda to watch a movie then specifically said, “Watch Nemo.”  She also walked, but which I mean literally walked, upright and all, upstairs all by herself tonight.  I was right behind her, of course, but she held onto the railing and went all the way up without any assistance.

I also sold the Oldsmobile to one of the guys who had happened to come around asking about buying it.  So we’re officially a one-car family for now.

Zach Dotsey