Milly decided she wanted to watch Finding Nemo again this morning.  When Nemo got taken, she said, “Nemo sad.”  What I found so cool about that is that she’s able to distinguish moods and express that.  It seems like every day she’s showing us more and more how much she thinks, and it’s amazing!

Amanda mentioned that it might be time to get some new glasses, and she’s right.  I’ve had the ones I’ve got now, my first pair ever, for five years or so now.  She convinced me to set up an eye appointment to later today we went to look at glasses.  Visionworks has a buy one get one sale, so I picked out two pairs.  It took me forever to decide, but I got a pair similar to the ones I have now, but with no rim on the bottom, and a thicker, more geek chic pair that Amanda liked on me.  Anyway, my appointment is on Wednesday.

We went by Chick-Fil-A and Milly played on the little playground climby thing pretty well for the first time.  Prior to this she’d always been a little hesitant about it.

I took a little nap when we got home.

Milly laid down for the first time in the bathtub.  She used to not mind when we’d pour water on her head, but she’s gotten to where she doesn’t like it, so Amanda convinced her to lay down to rinse her hair.  She was still pretty sketched out by it though.

And then Duke lost to Virginia Tech tonight at Virginia Tech.  I wasn’t completely upset by it because I said at the beginning of the season that if there’s a late-season game I wouldn’t mind Duke losing in order to gain their focus and make a nice run down the stretch, it was this one.  I mean, it still sucks, but Virginia Tech is a tough team and always plays Duke tough, so, eh, whatever.

Zach Dotsey