I think I’ve made some good progress in catching this website up so far tonight.  If I can keep up a rate of about eleven quick posts a day, I should be caught up in no time at all.

Most of my day was pretty stressful though.  I started working early and stopped working a little bit late, but there was very little downtime in between.  I had phone calls pouring in this morning, but I also had a little girl who was insistent that I sit with her and watch Silly Songs.  As much as I do enjoy watching Veggie Tales Silly Songs, I just did not have the time to do it.  It’s really hard on me though, when Milly comes into the office and takes my hand and says, “‘Mon, Daddy,” and I can’t.  It’s even tougher on my when she starts to melt down crying while I’m on the phone with a client who is unable to check his email.

Since she was fussy I thought I’d try to put Milly down for her nap early, but she was actually very calm once we got upstairs.  She sat on a pillow and read The Grouchy Ladybug to me.  She started playing with other stuff, so I just let her play in her room for a while.  I went back upstairs around 10:00, changed a poopy diaper and put her down for her nap without any fuss.

I think though that the end is in sight with all the crazy work I’ve had of late.  A lot of it was generated by switching all our sites to a new server, and we seem to have just about all of the kinks worked out now.

Amanda took Milly to the park then met her grandparents, Anna and Kirsten at the mall.  She said that Anna and Kirsten left them while they were in The Gap (or maybe Baby Gap, I’m not sure) and Milly had her worst meltdown ever.  The Banana x 3, as Amanda described it.

After work Amanda, Milly and I went for a walk around a little bit of the neighborhood.  Milly has decided to start trying out her S sounds, and when she saw bees she would say “Bees.  Ss.”  So she’d say the plural, wait a beat, then throw in an extra S sound.  Amanda and I found it hilarious.

A new action Milly came up with today (or maybe yesterday) is “walk sand.”  The ground here is nothing but sand, so a lot of it tends to accumulate on the sides of the road where it runs off any particular yard.  Milly likes to shuffle her feet through it, and today she coined this action “walk sand.”

After we put Milly to bed, Amanda and I played a game of Carcassonne while watching American Idol.  (I wasn’t paying that much attention to it, but Amanda wanted to watch it.)  Guess who won.  Yeah, the game was pretty close most of the way through, but Amanda still ended up beating me convincingly.  I’ve got a few things I need to try to switch up on her.  I need to start playing more aggressively like I used to.  Since we got this damn expansion I think I’ve maybe beat her once.

Duke versus Arizona in the Sweet 16 tomorrow.  I’m getting pretty excited about it, but it would be nice if the game weren’t so late.  It’s supposed to start at 9:45, which probably means 10:00.  I’m hoping Duke has had some time to get in some good practices with Kyrie Irving back on the team in a more active role.  If they have and he’s improved from last week, watch out!

Zach Dotsey