The worst part of the day, for me, was seeing Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler walk to the bench for the final time.  This was the last game played by two phenomenal Blue Devils who gave four years to us fans.  It was appreciated, and I hope they do well for themselves in their lives after Duke.  If you guys ever happen upon this webpage, I just want to say thanks.

I’m not going to go into any detailed thoughts or analysis about the game; I’ll just say that Duke lost to Arizona in the Sweet 16 tonight.  After ending the first half with a six point lead they got manhandled in the second half.  It was bad.

My day had a much nicer start than its ending though, so let’s dwell on that.

Shortly after I got Milly up this morning she indicated that she wanted to go on a “walks… s.”  It was nice outside and an overnight shower had removed a lot of pollen, so I thought sure, why not?

So we went outside and Milly lead me by the hand down to the road.  Then, babbling and singing, she lead me all the way to the end of our neighborhood.  Then she lead me into the grocery store where she looked for a toddler cart.  There wasn’t one at the entrance where we came in, so we went to the other entrance then proceeded to walk around the store for a bit.  I picked up a long john but told her we couldn’t eat the doughnut until we got back home.  She was cool with that and only made one other stop, which was in the magazine aisle.  She apparently wanted to look at Justin Bieber on the cover of some tween magazine.

The only downside to all of this is that a bird pooped on me while we were walking to the store.  I felt a couple drops at first and thought it was some leftover rain that had been sitting on the leaves in the tree branches above my head, but when I looked up I saw a bird fluttering around, and then I saw what was on my shirt.  None of it got on Milly at least, and I was able to wipe it up with a sanitizer wipe at the store.

I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook that the bird must have been a Carolina fan since I was wearing a Duke shirt.  Other people told me it was good luck, so I was hoping that would carry over into the game, which it obviously did not.

There were a couple lingering server switch issues to handle and a couple quotes to send out to people, so that kept me busy, but it wasn’t as crazy as it’s been the last few days.  Milly stayed up until about 11 this morning, but she kept herself entertained very well, so that helped.

I got a call after 8:00 this morning from Amanda’s cell phone and she’s always early to work, so the first thing I asked her was if she was alright.  She was, but Cyra, her friend and co-worker, had been in an accident.  She was fine too, but Amanda was going to pick her up.  She had driven through a yellow light when someone turning left opposite her decided to do the same.  Cyra tried to avoid her, but couldn’t totally.  At least Cyra wasn’t at fault.

After Milly got up from her nap, Amanda took her to hang out at the Ayars’ place with Kim and Stephanie Johnson, along with Peyton and Jacob.  The other small group mommas were invited but were unavailable.

I watched a lot of basketball this evening.  You already know how the last game I watched turned out, but UConn won a close one against San Diego State, Florida beat The Jimmer Fredette Show BYU in overtime and Butler kept the magic going by beating Wisconsin.  I didn’t feel like watching the Butler-Wisconsin game after the Duke game ended (as they were on at about the same time), but the rest were very exciting.

Zach Dotsey