Finally!  I finally had a convincing win over Amanda in Carcassonne tonight!  I used to beat her regularly until we added one of the expansions.  Since then she’s beat me all but once, and always by a wide margin.  The one time I did beat her before tonight it was a pretty close game.  So yeah, that’s great.

The first thing I did this morning after I woke up was to walk to the store to pick up some eggs so Amanda could make waffles for breakfast.  She and Milly got up shortly after I got back.

After breakfast I spent the day doing a good bit of work, and I was pretty busy outside of the mid-morning. I actually finished at a decent time today, but then I had something to do after hours.  There was a client who had transferred over to our server without our or their knowledge since the person transferring it hadn’t told us or them that they were doing it yet.  Anyway, I wanted to make sure they were taken care of, so I put in a little extra time.

At one point in the afternoon Milly decided to walk into the office with a cup of water and turn it over on the floor in front of Harvey’s crate.  There was no apparent reason- she just dumped it right over.

After we put Milly down Amanda and I played that game of Carcassonne then watched our Thursday night shows.  Every show: Community, The Office, Parks and Recreation and Outsourced was, I thought, particularly good.

We eventually watched some basketball.  Every game was really close and exciting except, of course, Carolina and Marquette.  My parents arrived just in time for my dad to watch the last minute or so of the Kentucky-Ohio State game, which UK won in a surprise upset.  Ohio State was the #1 #1.  So now I’m just hoping the Wildcats can take out Carolina.  They’ve gone more than far enough.

On a side note, a minute after the game was over my dad got a call from his friend, Pat Payne, to talk about the game.  It’s cool to see that you’re never too old for something like that, although I just tend to get texts instead of phone calls most of the time.

Zach Dotsey