Amanda didn’t feel very good last night and kept waking up to go to the bathroom.  I, on the other hand, slept soundly and didn’t even notice outside of the time she woke me up at 4:00 to tell me she wasn’t feeling good and asked what I wanted to do about church.  We ended up not going.  Shame shame, I know.

I think part of the reason we ended up not going to a later service is because it was cold and rainy outside, which made an already lazy Sunday even lazier.  On top of that though, I don’t really like going to the late services.

Karen came by for a while.  She took us out to Barnes & Noble where we ate a breakfast of Starbucks food before letting Milly go play with books and stuffed animals in the kids’ section.

When we got home we discovered that some ham biscuits and a cheese biscuit that Karen had brought with her were missing from the kitchen table.  We figured out that Bruce had sneaked up onto the table via a chair that was barely pulled away from the table.  We’re guessing he ate the cellophane the biscuits were wrapped in, because we couldn’t find it anywhere.  He was hiding under the bed when we got home and the only trace we saw of anything was a piece of biscuit on the bedroom floor.  He looks bloated, and we hope he’s okay with the plastic.  That won’t be fun coming back out.

Milly’s been on this kick since yesterday where she wants to hear the Goodbye Song or Beautiful Day with My Best Friend from the Yo Gabba Gabba album in the car.  She wanted to listen to them in the house today too, so I taught her how restart a song on my iPhone today.

VCU beat Kansas today, which was a huge shocker.  Kansas seemed to have the easiest possible road to the Final Four open up before them.  Kentucky did me a solid and sent the Heels packing.  They never lead outside of the first two buckets of the game and got down eleven or so, but they tied it up with a few minutes left.  Unlike most of the other teams Carolina played close this year (including UK at the Dean Dome), the Wildcats showed some composure and held on to win the game.

I’d called my dad at the half to see if he was watching, because he told me this weekend he’s gotten into the habit of recording games on the DVR so he can skip through commercials.  He was, and he was very happy with how his UK boys were playing.  I texted him when the game was over and he called me back to talk about it.  I’m glad we can talk basketball; I just wish now that I was into it more when I was younger.

So this year’s Final Four includes two teams with lots of tournament history facing each other and two teams without much tournament history facing each other on the other side of the bracket.  Basically two major teams and two mid-majors.  It’s been such a weird tournament this year.

Zach Dotsey