I think Milly has just about officially entered the realm of taking a single nap a day. The negatives are that she stays up later, sometimes making my mornings a little more complex and that she’s up when Amanda usually goes out on errands. On the plus side, we can do more with her and don’t have to limit our activities by naptimes as much.

Amanda worked a bit later than usual to make up some time lost yesterday. She was going to go out to Old Navy with Milly to see if a dress she’s wanted to buy her was in stock, but I had to stop by a client’s place to help them out with some finishing touches on their site, so I ended up dropping my girls off at Hugh MacRae Park first.

Milly was standing on the playset when I came back to pick them up, and she was very excited when she saw me. It turned out that Stephanie and Jacob Johnson were there with a friend too. We’d met her at Reece’s birthday get-together, but I couldn’t remember her name.

I do remember that her little girl’s name is Savannah though, because Milly very clearly told her and Jacob goodbye and gave them very warm, wrap-your-arms-around-their-neck hugs. It was very sweet.

Amanda told me she also played a lot with a girl named Lilly. Amanda talked to her mom a good bit, it sounds like.

Back at home, I worked on sending out some instructions for three new website projects (which means I’ll have a decent, though not outstanding, month afterall) while Amanda took Milly with her to get some spaghetti then came back and made it.

Our first two babysitter options were unavailable tonight, so we had small group at our place tonight. We finished up the current series from church, which didn’t take all that long.

Milly didn’t go down to sleep very well, so Amanda got her back up a little while after we out her down. She was a little distracting, but entertaining. She had also removed her pajamas.

Bonnie, our neighbor across the street, called and asked to borrow a heating pad. She had a compression fracture on a vertebrae from a car hood dropping on her head.

Zach Dotsey