When Milly got up this morning she immediately started pointing at things and excitedly naming them.  “Caterpillar!  Light!  Door!  Elephant!  Eeyore!”  We spent a portion of the morning watching YouTube videos with her in them, which had her asking for more Eli and more Mimi (which is how she says her own name).

Late this afternoon Milly came back to the office and called Amanda to join us (“‘Mown, Mommy”) then they climbed into the papasan.  Amanda wasn’t sure what to do to entertain Milly, so I pointed out that she enjoys watching horse riding on Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, so Amanda did that.  She didn’t know much of what she was doing though, and she giggled every time she trampled someone beneath the hooves of her steed.

She got tired of that pretty quickly though, and eventually she decided to play a game of Catan on Xbox Live (which, sadly, she won badly).

There wasn’t a whole lot else going on tonight.  Milly ate some crayons and made a mess, so we’ve decided to take them away from her then we gave her a bath.  She enjoyed splashing around and pouring water on herself from a cup.

After Milly went to bed we Amanda watched American Idol, which was doing Elton John songs so I paid a little bit of attention to it.  That was pretty much our night.

Zach Dotsey