One of the people working on the Nolan Smith website had an idea to set up a page where fans could leave comments for Nolan, thanking him for the four years he gave us Duke fans and telling him what it meant to them.  I set it up and we put a few notices out on Twitter, and as of right now 60 different people have left their thoughts for Nolan to read.

One stood out to me in particular.  It was from a 14 year old girl who has muscular dystrophy and can’t play basketball like she used to.  She told Nolan that he’s an inspiration to her because he’s always so positive.  I forwarded that on to a few people and was told that it was read to Nolan’s family, and they really appreciated getting comments like that.  I’m just glad to be able to be a part of the team facilitating that.

I feel kind of bad that we didn’t have a page for Kyle Singler.  I don’t think it would matter all that much, but I’d hate for him to feel like he wasn’t appreciated by the fans as much as Nolan.  We thought about putting together a site for him as well, but it just never materialized.

Work was a bit stressful today as I was trying to get a couple of things done for the end of the month.  My efforts were in no way assisted when Time Warner Cable decided to go down for a bit.  My internet was off and on for a bit, but eventually they got things straightened out and I finished all that I meant to finish.

Nick, Amy and Eli Warkentien came over tonight for lasagna dinner.  Milly was very excited when she saw Amy and Eli pull up in the driveway and went from the office to the living room to greet them.  She and Eli played some and she shared some of her dried fruit snacks with him.  She kept telling Eli, Nick and Amy to “‘mown,” or “come on” to the office.  I don’t know what her fascination is in taking people back there.

After the kids went to bed we parents played a game of Carcassonne and a game of Power Grid.  I won both pretty convincingly.  I think I had over 60 points off of farms in Carcassonne and during the last round or so everyone knew I was about to end the game in Power Grid.  Win win win.  Good times.

Zach Dotsey