Well, we finally took the plunge and became Netflix subscribers this evening.  I told Amanda I felt like watching a movie and didn’t feel like trying to mess around trying to get on anyone else’s Netflix account, so I signed up.  I told Amanda we could drop cable at any time now.

That reminds me, I still need to turn in the license plate for the Olds!

Eli came over to visit with Milly tonight.  Okay, he came over because we were babysitting him while Nick worked at the church and Amy, I’m not sure if she was helping out there or what.  But anyway, he was good and he and Milly played nicely together.  They both got to stay up a little late and watch part of Up with me and Amanda (our first streamed Netflix movie with our own account).  Eli sat in my lap for a good bit of it.

You know those propeller seeds that fall off of trees?  I’ve never seen so many in one place as I saw today on my back patio.  I mean you could hardly see any concrete, there were so many of them.  I think it would have been cool to see so many come down all at once.

Amanda’s getting irritated at how late I’ve been working for a while now.  Most nights I don’t finish until 6 or 7:00.  One counterpoint is that Milly’s not napping as early and I can’t focus on work as much while she’s up, but the counter-counter points are that I often start working before my usual time and I hardly ever take a lunch break.

I put an ad out on UNCW’s system to try to find an intern to take care of some of the work I do, specifically updates, but I haven’t heard back yet.  I’d have thought a web design/coding internship that actually pays would attract some attention, but I guess I need to review the ad or put feelers out someplace else as well.

On another note, the Nolan Smith site got mentioned on two radio shows today, once by Nolan himself!  There’s a link to one of them here.

Zach Dotsey