We had a very nice family day today. Our entire household got up at 9:00 and headed to Castle Hayne Park for Eli’s party a little after 10:00. We were some of the first people there and helped Nick unload some of the stuff for the party. Amy’s parents arrived there straight from Michigan. They were earlier than expected.

We were at the park until a little before 2:00. A good number of friends showed up, and it was good to catch up.

Inspired by Alex Sisco and Eli, I pushed Milly on a big swing (like, not a baby swing) for the first time. She did a great job of hangin on, even when she went to push some hair out of her face. The other kids did great too, except for when Eli decided to make the sign for “all done,” which required two hands.

Killy took a nap when we got home and Amanda and I caught up on The Big Bang Theory. Well, we watched the two most recent episodes anyway.

Amanda wanted to look for a dress for Milly at Old Navy, so we did that when Milly got up. After that we went to Hugh MacRae Park for a while.

Hugh MacRae was the most crowded I’ve seen it. Milly was watching two older girls a bit. They were running around and screaming, so she let out a few little screams here and there too.

We decided to eat at Brixx for dinner. Amanda pointed out that Brixx was the first non-fast food restaurant we had ever taken Milly to.

I was watching the Butler-VCU Final Four game while there. We finished watching it at home and let Milly stay up until it was over, though that was just because it was close down the stretch and Amanda and I just wanted to see bow it ended. Milly only ended up going to bed about half an hour late.

Butler won, so they’ll get another shot at an NCAA championship. Man, if only Duke had held up their side of the bracket we’d have had a rematch of last year. Man.

I’m very tired, but Kentucky and UConn are playing a very close game and it’s almost over.

I’m tired because Harvey wanted to go out to pee at around 4:00 this morning and made obnoxious grunts last night until I got up to let him out. Then Milly woke up at 6:30 crying very hard as if something was wrong. I was halfway across the bed before I had my eyes open or was fully conscious. I guess she’d had a nightmare or something because she was fine. I hugged her for a minute and told her that Daddy was there. She went right back to sleep until 9:00 after that.

Amanda and I tied at Carcassonne with 172 points each. It was a tense game.

The end of this game is drawing out. UK, down by two, missed a three and fouled a UConn player after he got the rebound.

One-and-one for UConn, he hit the first, iced it with the second. Exactly two seconds left and the Wildcats are down four.

Brad Stevens, get your first title Monday night.

Kentucky hit a three at the buzzer. One point win for UConn, my second most hated team in all of college basketball.

Zach Dotsey