Milly was in a very happy and friendly mood today. I was at church early to man a camera (enjoyed it, thought it went well) and left after the first service to go pick up Amanda and Milly.

When I walked in the door Milly was at the top of the steps and was very excited to see me. She was wearing her frilly pink tutu with a white t-shirt covered with a tank top with a pink floral design. Amanda explained that Milly had picked out the tutu and Amanda had tried to find something to go with it. She was, of course, adorable.

It was my week to get Milly from Grow Zone, and when she saw me she excitedly exclaimed, “Daddeeee!” Then she told me all about something that I couldn’t understand at all. On the way out of the church she stopped and said hi to several people. She’s just sonsweet and outgoing.

Milly had a nap when we got home, as did I after watching an episode of The Soup with Amanda. Amanda took the time to return something to The Gap and picked up a new dress and bathing suit for Milly.

We got Milly up after that and went to Ogden Park. There was another little girl who came and left with her parents at the same time as us who was only a month older than Milly. I thought that they’d maybe play, but she didn’t seem to be very comfortable with me and Amanda around.

Milly spent most of her time running up and down a ramp to some bleachers anyway.

That and falling. I guess it’s because the flip flops she wore today were a little thicker than most of her shoes, not to mention slightly too big, but she tripped a lot. She actually held her knee one time, and we later found out that it was a little skinned. She never cried though.

After the park we headed on over to the Frazelles’ to hang out and have dinner.  Hannah was there for a short while and gave Milly a Half United necklace that Christian had specially custom-made just for her after Amanda joked that they should make baby-sized necklaces.

Barry, or B, as Milly calls him, ran out to the grocery store and to pick up some wine and ate a little bit after we got back.  Barry’s friend Jay Rivenbark stopped by a little after dinner.  Milly was unsure of him at first, but when she was giving out hugs as we were leaving she went and gave Jay one without us even asking her to.  He was gushing over how sweet she is and how well she speaks.

I almost feel bad summing up our time with Barry, Anna, Hannah and Kirsten so briefly.  We always have such a great time with them, and I love our tradition of going over to their place almost every Sunday for dinner.  I wouldn’t even care if we ate, we just have such a great time hanging out with them and they treat Milly like she’s their own.

We got home around 9:00 and put Milly to bed.  I don’t mind her staying up a little late tonight because I plan to still get her up at 8:00 tomorrow, so hopefully she’ll be tired earlier than usual and allow me to get some work done.

Speaking of work, I need to find an intern or something.  If anyone knows of someone who knows basic HTML, drop me a line.  Knowledge of CSS and PHP is a bonus.  We’ll even pay based on the jobs completed.

In other news, my back’s been bugging me all day today.  I don’t know if it’s from sleeping on it wrong or if I pulled it or what, but picking things up (like babies) or even leaning over hurts my mid-lower back.  Maybe, like Barry suggested, I’m getting old.

Zach Dotsey