Movie endings have apparently become traumatic for my poor little girl.  This morning Lilo and Stitch was playing.  She was watching it off and on while playing, eating, going on about her day and whatnot.  But once the credit started to roll Milly started asking for more, both verbally and by signing, and her face melted, large tears poured out.  I mean she was just distraught!  I don’t know what the deal was.

Then this evening we were watching Toy Story 3 on Netflix and, once again as soon as the credits started to roll she just became distraught.  What’s up with that?

Toy Story 3 was great, by the way.  Honestly, I had to fight back some waterworks at the end when Woody waves goodbye and Amanda had a tissue before that.  I’m pretty sure the emotional nuances were not what caused Milly to cry though.  Her favorite thing seemed to be the scary baby doll.

Amanda and Milly went to Hugh MacRae Park for a bit today.  Amanda said that Milly was playing a bunch with a little boy.  His mom was also an Amanda, and his dad is a Marine deployed in Afghanistan.  As common a happenstance as that is, I can’t imagine how difficult that it for families.

When we were putting Milly to bed, she sat on the potty (which is in her room so she’ll be comfortable with it) all on her own (though she had clothes on and wasn’t using it, so to speak), which is a step in the right direction.  She also put her hands together in prayer when she realized she was about to be put in bed.

A lot of Milly’s toys and stuffed animals were next to her crib, and as I walked downstairs I found myself thinking about Toy Story and not wanting her to have any more toys so she would love the ones she’s got now: Nemo, CT Bear, Zoubear, Finch, Elephant, Princess Hippo, Daddy Duck, Witch Duck, Green Duck, Pink Duck, Polka Duck, Lavender Duck (she really likes ducks), Lovebug, Sweetpea, Press Frog, Whale, Benny, Berta and others.

Amanda and I played a game of Dominion Intrigue that I won, 65-58.  With my last go I bought the last Province card, which was worth six points.  Amanda would have bought it her next turn if I had not, and that would  have cost me the game.

In basketball news, John Henson and Tyler Zeller have decided to come back to UNC.  Harrison Barnes hasn’t announced a decision, but a lot of people seem to think he’ll be coming back too.  Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving announced that he’ll be heading off to the NBA.  I can’t blame him for it since he’s expected to be one of the top three picks in the NBA Draft (guaranteeing himself a crapload of money) and I definitely wish him well, but I hate that we Duke fans only got such an elite talent for eleven games while other top talent at other schools will be coming back.  Everybody expected him to go anyway, but it just kind of sucks that it’s been made official.

Zach Dotsey