Amanda, as she is wont to do on Fridays, made waffles this morning for breakfast.  Shortly after finishing those I was off to a meeting with a client.  I like the guy a lot; he’s got a kid close to Milly’s age and we are able to joke around a good bit.

After that I finally dropped off my license plate at the DMV.  I was shocked by the fact that it was a little after noon and I was able to walk in without any wait at all and walk back out in less than 60 seconds, probably 30.  From there I picked up my check and stopped by Costco and Lowe’s Food to get stuff for Amanda to make some mac & cheese for our get-together at the Nowaks’ this evening.

I spent the rest of the day working, though it wasn’t strenuously busy.  Amanda took Milly to Hugh MacRae Park again and met up with Jenny and Hudson out there.  Meanwhile, back at the house, I put the mac in the oven and, after it was done, I rode with Amanda’s mom, who had just recently arrived, to the park.

Karen took Milly to go see the ducks in the other part of the park then, eventually, to Chick-Fil-A, while Amanda and I clambered in to her mom’s van (so we wouldn’t have to bother moving the car seat) and went to Mike and Sarah’s.

It was sort of an old small group reunion.  Amanda and I were the only ones who didn’t bring our kid(s), but it was less stress on us as we didn’t have to worry about trying to get her to settle down in a strange place.  Not that it’s all that strange- she slept there before when she was very small and we had small group over there.

It would have been nice to have Milly there in that it would have been cool to see how she interacted with everyone.  Lauren, Mike and Sarah’s girl, is just a few weeks older than Milly, and she’s changed so much in the past few weeks, getting a lot more verbal and interactive, at least compare to the last time I was able to see her for more than a few minutes in a crowded church.

We had a great time visiting with everyone, just spending time to talk and catch up.  Dinner was served, but I don’t think everyone was seated at the table at the same time just due to small kids needing things at different times.

After a while we played a game of Funglish, which the guys, of course, won.

Zach Dotsey