It was a little chilly outside for a good portion of the day today, which is a shame because we expected it to be very warm out.  For that matter, it was supposed to be warm all weekend, but Amanda got chilly yesterday walking around at the Azalea Festival.  It did warm up later today, but I’ll come back to that.

The day started off like most Sundays with us going to church then Atlanta Bread and Barnes & Noble.  At small group this past week we discussed bringing study suggestions to the next meeting, so Amanda and I took turns looking at books while the other kept an eye on Milly.

Milly took a nap when we got home.  She had a lot of compliments on how cute she looked today.  She wore a dress with flowers on it, one she’s had a while but hadn’t been able to wear yet.  She gasped when she saw it, she was so excited to wear it.  We let her hair stay down, outside of a barrette on her right side, and she had some perfect little ringlets.

Walking back to the car from Barnes & Noble, a lady with a girl just a little older than Milly commented on how cute she was, so we stopped to let Milly socialize.  The girl wanted to put Milly in her stroller and push her around in it, but Milly didn’t want to get in.  They did high five each other though.

Amanda and I just chilled for a few hours until we got Milly up.  We’d realized that we left Milly’s Heartbeat Bear (or Heart Bear, as she calls it) at Justin and Lisa’s, and since we use that as white noise when we put her to sleep, we wanted to go ahead and see about getting it back.  She was alright with music playing from her swing, which we used in the meantime, but the bear is a more consistent noise and, since it can go in her crib, does a better job.

To that end, we arranged to meet up with the Hauensteins at The Fuzzy Peach.  They hadn’t been before, and of course everyone loves The Fuzzy Peach, so we had a nice time hanging out there for a few minutes.  It was Ayden’s first time eating ice cream (or frozen yogurt, whatever).

After that, Amanda, Milly and I went to Hugh MacRae Park.  We had left the house with jackets, but when we got out of the car at The Fuzzy Peach, we shed those.  We definitely didn’t need them at the park either.  Milly didn’t play a whole lot with the other kids, but she really enjoyed getting on the play set, going down the slide, then running back to the other end to get back up on the play set then back down the slide repeatedly.

We were there for a little while then we went to the mall, where Amanda used a coupon to get some money back on a Gap purchase or some such.  I don’t know the details.  Milly and I rode the carousel for part of that time though.  She was hesitant at first, even though she usually enjoys it.  She didn’t let me put her on a horse or any other creature like that, so we ended up in a spinny seat, like the Tea Cup ride at Disney World.  Milly did enjoy it after we started going and even figured out that she could make our seat turn.

We went on home after the mall, making a stop at the grocery store to pick up food for chicken finger wraps for dinner.  We just took it easy the rest of the night.  Milly attempted to eat an apple without it being sliced for the first time today, which resulted in an apple with bite marks pitted all over it and a few small chunks of apple with peel on the back them strewn about the living room.  I watched a new episode of Camelot after Amanda went to bed.

This felt like a very busy weekend.  Really, it kind of was.  We were out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, which is a definite rarity.  Then it seems like we had a lot going on or at least kept busy throughout the daytime hours.

Zach Dotsey