Amanda’s got these platform shoes, more like high heel sandals, I suppose, that she’s had since before we started dating.  I always thought they looked good on her.  I remember Frank Lowery, a friend of mine from the place I worked back then, remarked back when I first pointed her out that, “She gots pretty toes.”  Those shoes always make me think of that.  Anyway, Amanda called me this morning to tell me that those shoes were coming apart.

Milly was very good for me today.  She was sweet this morning and not too needy and she slept late this afternoon.  Well, she might not have slept as late as I thought because she was up and wide awake when I went to get her up for fear of her sleeping too late, but she didn’t make any noise prior to that.

Work was pretty manageable today.  I spent some time tonight working on the OFFICIAL Nolan Smith website.  Yup, that’s right.  We got word to make it officially official.

Those of us who worked on the site are seriously discussing what else we can do with our combined talents, which is very exciting.

Amanda had started watching The Princess and the Frog with Milly a few days ago on Netflix and finished it up today.  Milly was constantly saying “Oh no!” at different parts.  Pretty much anything could happen and she’d say that.  She did also say something about “Frog sad,” about the girl frog towards the end.  I wasn’t totally paying attention to it, so I’m not sure exactly what was going on.

Milly also spilled her cereal on her big stuffed chair.  It’s had all kinds of dirty on it: other spills, food, crayon.  The cereal spill was pretty bad though, and we didn’t want the chair to smell like milk so we took the cover off finally and washed it.

That’s about it today.  Another exciting Monday.

Zach Dotsey