Milly did not sleep well last night. I first heard her while I was playing a game of Catan on Xbox Live. The game was almost over and I was in position to win, but I went to tend to her because I didn’t want Amanda to have to get up while I was still awake. I ended up missing a turn, but I still ended up winning. I just won a turn later than I would have otherwise. One turn later though and I think I would have lost.

Anyway, Milly kept waking up last night, and since Amanda doesnt work Fridays she had the pleasure of handling our girl. Amanda told me later that Milly had the chills at one point.

Milly was up around 8:15. I was already up by then so I took care of her until Amanda got up. Milly was back down for a nap around 9:30 I think. She wasn’t nearly as hot as she was yesterday, but she hadn’t had much sleep.

We didn’t have our usual Friday morning waffles today.

I had a meeting this morning that I think went pretty well. When I got back home Amanda’s grandparents were at the house. Milly was sleeping, but she was up before long.

Amanda and Earl went to pick up some pizza from Elizabeth’s, which upset Milly. She cried almost the entire time they were gone except for a little bit of time when she was looking at azaleas with Peggy and when she and I were sitting on the swing listening to some Cake.

New discovery of the day: Milly really likes Cake.

I ended up taking Milly upstairs maybe five minutes before Amanda and Earl got back. She was definitely ready for that. I asked her if she wanted a nap and she responded, “Nap,” so took that as a yes. She went right down and was down for the next five hours. Milly didn’t have a fever anymore at all when she got up.

Today was my parents’ 34th anniversary. My mom was in Charlotte for some horse event, but my dad was back home.

Anna and Barry offered us some tickets to a Neil Young concert. They were taking the whole family, but Hannah and Kirsten got sick. Amanda and I weren’t thinking we’d be up for it after not sleeping last night. I think they found someone to go though.

I set up a website for 287 Creative Media Group today. That’s what we’re calling the group of us who did the Nolan Smith website. I set up kind of a framework for it, but I’m actually liking what I’ve got up so far.

This evening we went over to Reece and Stephanie’s to celebrate her birthday. The Andrews (Andrewses?) were there as well as some people we met at Reece’s birthday. There were several kids for Milly to play with too.

After eating, I went back to our place and brought Dominion back over. We played with seven players and everyone enjoyed it, but it took quite a while. I lost. I think in the future if we play with so many people we might do what I saw suggested online and play two separate games.

Zach Dotsey