Milly impressed me this morning.  At 9:57, she said, “Mimi banket,” which translates into “Milly’s blanket.”  Then she walked over to the steps, pulled the baby gate closed behind her (after I opened it for her), walked up stairs, grabbed her Go Duke paci and a blanket then laid down so I could change her diaper.  She essentially put herself to bed as much as she could have possibly put herself to bed.

I had a meeting today with a prospective intern.  She seems like a good fit, and I’m excited about the possibility of having someone to take care of a lot of the stuff that keeps me from doing things to help the company expand.  We shall see.

Amanda’s left arm has been bothering her lately.  She thinks she might have pulled it or something, so I’ve been trying to make sure she doesn’t have to do much lifting with it, particularly in carrying toddlers up and down the stairs, until it feels better.

Milly got to play outside a good bit today.  She continued this occasional fussy-whiny thing she’s been doing the past week or so and taking her outside was generally the best cure for it aside from turning on the TV.  She’s asking to watch movies too much lately, so we’re really trying to cut down on that.

Small group was particularly good tonight, I thought.  We took a questionnaire about prayer within the group and had a really awesome discussion about where our small group stands and things we’d like to see change.  There was a lot of honesty and openness.

Zach Dotsey