It occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned a few of the things Milly’s doing lately.

This one I may have mentioned already, but she’s taken to saying “guys” a bit over the past week or two, like “Hi,  guys,” or “C’mon, guys.”

She has also started saying “sure” as a substitute for “yes,” which is not always a proper substitute, but is really cute.  “Milly, do you want some waffle?”  “Sure!”  “Milly, did you burp?”  “Sure!”

She’s been on a big milk kick lately for some reason.  Maybe she’s growing and her bones need calcium.

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this one or not, but it’s been going on for a while.  Milly will talk in a different voice for her stuffed animals and toys.  It’s a higher-pitched voice that she’s obviously picked up from me or Amanda talking to her with her toys before.  It’s cute though, and it shows that she’s starting to not only use her imagination, but learning to really play with them as well.

Milly has also started calling oatmeal “oatmealk.”  With an accent inspired by her mother, she has always pronounced milk as though it had a long E in the middle of it.  Maybe since we put milk in her oatmeal she drew the conclusion that it really is oatmilk.