Amanda has been wanting to get the movie Tangled for Milly for a little while and used Easter as a good excuse to do so.  Tonight she had the idea of us all watching it together, so we did.  Mostly.

Milly wanted to do some other things during it, which isn’t surprising given that she’s not yet two.  She’d go play with something then come back to us, go off and play again and so forth.  That was all well and good until she started peeling the paper off some of her new crayons.  We told her not to a few times, but she kept doing it.  I finally told her she’d have to go to the corner if she did it again, and she did, so she did.

After she calmed down from that I took her outside for a bit.  She wanted to go around back, which reminded me of some planks in our fence that have needed some nails in them for a while, so I took care of that while Amanda watched Milly.

It was getting close to 8:00 by the time we went inside, but Milly was calm and sat with us, so we let her watch the movie until she got restless again.  She really liked the scene from the picture above.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I finished the movie, then I asked Amanda what she wanted to watch, but she didn’t answer me so I decided to watch a few episodes of Arrested Development.  I love how they throw away major plot developments in the “next on” part at the end of the show, even though what you see there is hardly ever actually in the show.

Not too much else to talk about with the rest of the day.  Work wasn’t too terribly busy.  Milly’s moods were up and down.

Zach Dotsey