Today is my mom’s birthday, so happy birthday, Rhonda Dotsey!  I talked to her for a good bit this evening.  It’s cool to be able to have adult conversations with my parents.  Sometimes I forget that I’m an adult myself.

I planned to take Milly for a walk this morning, but, uncharacteristically, she didn’t want to go on one.  Instead I cleaned up a bunch of stuff in the office.  Milly was playing in the living room when I heard a noise, so I went to the living room in time to see Milly climbing over the back of the step and onto the stairs.  So there’s something new to worry about.

She spent a bit of time playing upstairs then we played in the backyard for a bit before she took her nap.

Scott and I had a talk about some thing he wants to implement in the next few months.  It’s exciting but a little scary at the same time.  Basically he wants to split the company in two and let me totally run part of it.  I’d just need to make sure the company grows.  It’s a pretty exciting prospect.

Milly watched much less TV today, as Amanda and I discussed.  She didn’t watch any at all this morning, but she was moody this afternoon after she and Amanda went out to meet Renee Tripp for lunch so she got to watch some.  Milly wasn’t much of a fan of me messing with her, tickling her and stuff this evening.  In fact, when asked if she loved Daddy, she said no, but she did love Mommy, Bruce, Harvey, Cobb, Woody, Buzz and milk.

I spent a good bit of the evening working on content for my new website, took a break to watch Friday Night Lights on Hulu with Amanda and will return to working on it some more when I’m done with this.

I’ve got to say, I’m really spoiled by watching things without commercials or with commercials I can fast forward.  It feels like it’s been quite a while since I’ve actively watched something where I couldn’t skip the commercials.  Long enough, anyway, that I really noticed having to suffer through the commercials on Hulu tonight.

Amanda’s mom came over tonight.  She’s on spring break this week and wants to hang out with Milly tomorrow.  Ostensibly, she’s watching Milly so I don’t have to worry about watching her tomorrow morning while Amanda’s at work.

Zach Dotsey