Tonight was Steve Carell’s final episode on The Office.  Oh, sure, he may come back and do some cameos or something, that wouldn’t surprise me, but he’s no longer a regular on the show.  I think everyone was probably expecting a lot of big theatrics and hijinks for Michael’s send-off, but it was actually a very understated episode.  Michael, who likes to be the center of attention, told everyone he was leaving a day later.  It was touching and I really liked how they did it.  Amanda wasn’t as satisfied with it.

In more serious news, storms raged across the south yesterday.  There were a lot of tornadoes and about 300 people were killed, or at least that’s the total so far.  Over 200 people were killed in Alabama alone.  I just read that about a million people are still without electricity.  In pictures I’ve seen, whole neighborhoods seemed to be obliterated.  It’s just terrible, all the devastation.

The storms headed this way today, but here in Wilmington we got nothing more than a short downpour this morning and some sprinkling later on.

Karen took care of Milly this morning.  She took her for a ride on the wagon where they picked flowers and such.  Nana kept her granddaughter pretty occupied and Milly didn’t get a nap until 11:00 or later.  After Amanda got home, she and her mama picked up some Cook Out and went to Old Navy or something.  I’m not entirely sure, as I kept myself pretty busy.

Michael and Jenn came over, thinking that if there were any tornadoes they’d be better off here than in the third floor of an apartment.  Nothing happened, of course, but Amanda played a card game, Lost Cities, with Jenn.  Michael let us borrow it and Amanda and I played it after we put Milly down.

Milly had a bit of a rough late afternoon/evening.  I don’t think she napped long enough and after 5:00 she was pretty fussy.  She actually called for her mommy a good bit, which is a change since she usually calls for me.  I did get her to go outside for a bit, but that turned out not to be a great thing because when she was sitting down to get off a picnic table bench, she sort of folded up in between the table and the top of the bench and slipped under the table.  Onto concrete.  I tried to grab her and ended up turning the bench over on my ankle, which I didn’t really notice until later.

I felt awful, of course, that Milly hit the back of her head on the patio on my watch.  I mean, I felt awful that she got hurt anyway, but the fact that it was while I was watching her made it worse for me.  I can still see it, too, the way she just sort of folded in half and fell back.

It took Milly a bit to recover from that, but eventually she was sitting with me on the couch with a paci and a blanket (she’s really been wanting those a lot lately).  I tried giving her a bath, and she seemed eager to get in, but as soon as I put her in it she started screaming and trying to get out.  The water wasn’t at all hot- she just didn’t want to be in it.

We finally did put Milly down early, and she was pretty chipper while getting ready for bed.  She went down fine and has been quiet since.  Amanda and I played Lost Cities after that and each won a game.  It’s simple enough, and there’s a little strategy, but it relies heavily on luck of the draw.

Amanda and I watched our Thursday night TV after that.  I don’t know what it was exactly, but I had fun with Amanda tonight.  We were both just, I don’t know, joking around and teasing each other a bit.  It was fun.

Amanda’s watching the American Idol results show right now.  I already looked up who’s going home, and it’s Casey Abrams.  She already knows he’s in the bottom three, but she thinks Jacob is the one going home.  I asked her who her second choice would be and she said Casey because he’s fun, but Scotty is more talented overall.  Hope she’s not too disappointed.

Zach Dotsey