We started Mother’s Day of 2011 off as we do most every other Sunday by getting up and going to church.  Amanda wore a new dress that Anna gave her yesterday for her birthday.  I asked Amanda if she wanted her gift from me and Milly then or later when we were with everyone and she said she wanted it then, with just the immediate family.  It was a necklace with colored (black?) pearls, as Milly’s birthstone is pearl.  Amanda usually goes for longer necklaces than the one we got her, but it looked really nice with her new dress.

We didn’t do Atlanta Bread after church today because we wanted to make sure Milly got some semblance of a nap.  She was only down for an hour (time enough for us to watch the season finale of Fringe), and we were worried it might not be enough sleep to get her through the day.

We got in the car to head to Beulaville and Milly started having a meltdown as I was talking to my mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.  Amanda and I thought we were in for quite a day, but Milly surprised us and was good the whole time.

I also talked to Andra, Baba and Aunt Robbie on the way to B-ville.

Michael and Jenn arrived at Amanda’s grandparents’ house just a couple minutes after we did, and Anna and Barry were not at all far behind.  Karen and Phil were there already.  We ate lunch, Phil took off to head out on his fishing trip to Portsmouth Island, and the rest of us went to the park for a bit.  Milly kept dragging people here and there, particularly Jenn.

We stayed in Beulaville for a while and headed home around 5:00.  Milly was good the whole way back.  I was planning on taking a nap when we got back, but I went out to throw away a diaper and while I was doing that I started talking to Kenzie and Kimber across the street.  I was about to head back in when I guess Amanda let Milly out to go see them, so I didn’t end up getting my nap.

Once everyone was back inside, Milly watched Monsters, Inc. while Amanda and I played Carcassonne with the Cathedrals and Inns expansion.  Amanda kicked my butt badly both times.  I’d like to say it was because it was Mother’s Day and her birthday is tomorrow, but that would be disingenuous.  I really need to start playing more aggressively.  A lot more aggressively.

In basketball news, the Lakers got swept by the Mavericks in the playoffs and Duke hired former Duke player and former Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel as an assistant.  It’s a pretty big deal, getting a head coach from a pretty big school to come back in as an assistant.

Zach Dotsey