There were severe storms last night and flooding along the Mississippi River.  Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas were all affected, and Louisiana is getting ready for the waters heading downstream towards them.

Very little happened in my life today.  Nothing significant at work, nothing too new with Milly, nothing with Amanda.  Amanda and Milly met with Stephanie and Jacob for coffee (the ladies had coffee, not the young’uns) and went to the park.  That’s something I guess.

Milly was good today, though she was snotty.  I hope she’s not getting sick.

Bruce stole pizza from her twice this evening, so he was locked up for a bit.  He’s gotten really bold about stealing food from her.  I can’t really blame him- she’s easy pickings.

We went for a little walk then put Milly in the shower.  She didn’t want to take one, but we told her Bruce would take one with her, which got her excited about it.  She doesn’t like actually getting under the shower, but after I soaped Bruce up I let her pour water on him from a cup to rinse him off, and she got herself nice and wet trying to refill the cup.  Whatever works.

Amanda was asked her opinion about some things going on at work today by her boss.  She’s had a stressful time at work and a lot on her mind, so she spoke it.  I was proud of her for doing so.  Hopefully some good will come of it.

Zach Dotsey