A couple days ago when Amanda and I were talking about going to see the Thor movie tonight, Thursday, I called it Thor’s day.  At first she thought I was just being a dork, but then I rattled off the other days of the week named after Norse gods: Tuesday for Tyr’s day, Wednesday for Odin’s day, Friday for Freya’s day.  Saturday, I figure might be named after Saturn, a Roman god, but it could also be after Surtr, though I don’t think it is.  I guess Sunday and Monday were left out and named after the sun and moon.  She still thought I was a geek after all that, but at least she didn’t think I was making it up anymore.

That etymological lesson was completely off topic.

So yeah, we went to see Thor.  I thought it was pretty good, but I’d heard some reports that it was better than Iron Man, which I didn’t agree with.  I did think they did a particularly good job of bringing plausibility to the Asgardians being thought to be gods by people from ages past, when they were actually just techno-mystical people from another dimension (or far, far away, I’m not sure which).

After the movie we stopped by Atlanta Bread to pick up some food and headed over to Reece and Stephanie Johnson’s, who had watched Milly for us tonight.  They told us that she was very good and that she and Jacob had played pretty hard in the backyard.  They put Jacob to bed around 7:30, and when they finished and came back into the living room Milly let them know it was time for her to go to bed.  She walked into their guest room and went right to bed.  They even asked if she wanted them to read a book to her, but she said no.

Amanda and I were really glad that Milly went to bed so easily.  This was the first time she had slept in something more confining than her big girl bed since she first started sleeping in that, and this was a pack & play.

We played a few games of Dominion to finish off the night.  The first game was pretty crazy in that I was the only person who didn’t have any curse cards, meaning I didn’t have any negative points.  I was lucky enough not to get any of them and ended up beating Reece, who was in second place, by 20 or so.

The next two games were a bit closer and Stephanie, who had never won, won them both.  Reece got last in both and Amanda and I swapped second and third.  I lost by a single point in that second game, which I blame on Reece.

We had our guys small group meeting over at our house earlier in the day.  I had thought Milly would sleep through at least most of it, but she was up pretty soon after Reece and David got here, and Amanda had gone to the Johnsons’ on the assumption that Milly wouldn’t be much of a distraction if she was napping most of the time we were meeting.

Zach Dotsey