Nick and Eli came over this evening to hang out for a bit.  They had dinner with us, though Milly wouldn’t eat any of her pasta, then after that I asked Milly if she wanted to take a bath.  She and Eli were both excited at the prospect, so they took a bath.  Eli was dumping water on his head and I asked Milly if she could do that.  She said yeah then dumped a cup of water on his head.

They played well in the tub then got out and played in Milly’s room for a bit.  Milly, who seems to want to do everything with other kids when they’re at our house now, kept saying, “‘Mon, E-I (Come on, Eli)!”  They both ended up in Milly’s toddler bed and were all ready to go to sleep, and they probably would have if Nick hadn’t taken Eli downstairs to put his diaper on and get him ready for bed.  It wouldn’t have been a great idea though.  Nick went to check on Eli (in the guest room) an hour or more later and he was still wide awake.

After getting the kids down, we played Small World.  Nick, who had never played before, won over Amanda by a few points, but they both kicked my butt.  I started off so well too, which was probably what hurt me.  We played a game of Carcassonne after that and I won it.  Amanda only lost that by a few points too.  Mrs. Second Place tonight.

Amy, who had been working, stopped by on her way home, so we got to see her for a few minutes.

At one point this morning Amanda was singing I’ve Got a Dream from Tangled and Milly started singing it.  She did it a few times throughout the day, and it was so sweet.  The only part she knows is “I’ve got a dream/I’ve got a dream,” but I mean really, she just sounds so sweet when she does it.