Like DJ Lance says, I said to Milly today, “Let’s think back and remember all the fun things we did today!”

We did have a fun and full day today. We went to the pool where we met up with Cyra. She and Amanda spent most of the time sunning and talking about work and movies. Amanda was pulled away now and then by Milly, who persistently requested that her mother sit in the cold water with her. I’ll be honest, that was entertaining.

On the way to the car Milly fell and skinned her left knee. That was less entertaining.

Milly napped shortly after we got home while Amanda and I ate lunch and such.

When Milly woke up we went to Costco for some diapers, though we ended up grazing a bit. They had lots of good food to sample, which was nice because I was just starting to feel hungry as we were leaving the house.

From there we went to The Cotton Exchange downtown.  Amanda was going to exchange some earrings she’d gotten for her birthday, but ended up letting Nick buy them off her as a Mother’s Day present for Amy.  They’d just given us the money for them yesterday, so Amanda wanted to go ahead and replace the gift.  While we were down that way, we went to the new Fuzzy Peach location, where they had their frozen yogurt half off today (though it was free from 10-12).

After that we walked around downtown a little bit then came on back home after stopping at the grocery store, where Milly said she wanted some apples.  Don’t know why she had that in her mind, although earlier when I had been changing her diaper she said, “Apple,” and I asked, “Where do you see an apple?”  She had pointed to the shaker table, which had Amanda’s iPad box on it.  She had been pointing to the Apple logo on the box.

Anyway, after we got home I picked up a little while Amanda made tacos.  They were good, but the soft taco shells fell apart like cheap paper.

A little after 7:00, the Johnsons came by.  Amanda and Stephanie, along with Cyra, who got there after Reece and I left, watched 500 Days of Summer.  Amanda said that Milly didn’t play too much tonight and that she was kind of fussy, which is a shame because Jacob seems pretty smitten with her.

Reece and I went over to the Andrews’ house to show Dominion to Dave.  Reece won the first game, I won the second and David won the last one.  I only had ten points in the last one because David was able to play a Saboteur early and often.  I literally lost at least 22 points because of that stinking card: three Provinces and at least two Nobles.  Ah well.  Perhaps, as Amanda said when we were talking about what we’d done tonight, it was karma for not getting any Curse cards the other night when we played with the Johsnons.

Reece and I got back a little after 10:00.  He and Stephanie stuck around to chat for a few minutes and Amanda and I capped off the night by watching an episode of The Office.  They were interviewing candidates for a new manager.  I thought it was a pretty decent episode.

I talked to a good bit of family today.  I had talked to Erin yesterday evening and talked to Adam (who has a job interview next week!), Andra, her husband Josh (who has decided to study dentistry!), my mom (who has minor surgery this coming week to remove some skin cancer spots), plus Michael (who may join us for dinner at Anna and Barry’s tomorrow) and Karen (who Milly asked about as soon as she woke up this morning).

Zach Dotsey