In talking about our time spent this afternoon with the Frazelles, I was going to mention Milly’s first Reece’s Cup and include a picture of it.  They had been eating Reece’s Cups a few days ago and Barry said, “You know who would really like one of these?  Milly.”  So they saved her two of them: one to give her and another to give when she inevitable asked for more.  She didn’t disappoint.

At any rate, I was going to include a picture of Milly eating her first Reece’s Cup, but I didn’t get a good one, so you’ll have to live with the picture above, which was taken just after said event.  She was wanting to play with their dog, Scout, but he had gone inside.  Milly stuck her head inside the doggy door and said, “‘Mon, Cout.”  She wanted him to sit in their porch swing with her, but he wasn’t too interested.

We had a nice time there after a pretty standard Sunday: church, Atlanta Bread, TV during Milly’s nap.  Of note in that, Milly enjoys going into the auditorium at church after we pick her up from Grow Zone, and today when she was heading for one of the door someone on the other side opened it up just as I was reaching to open it, but it smacked Milly a little.  I don’t think it hit her face, but it scraped one of her toes and hurt her right foot.  The guy who opened the door, who just happened to have been among the family sitting next to me and Amanda during the service, felt terrible, but we told him she’d be okay.  And she was a few minutes later when she was standing in a light and dancing to the music.

Also, we didn’t end up staying at Atlanta Bread long.  I had enough time to eat one bite of my sausage, egg and cheese bagel before Milly wanted to get down and walk around, then fussed when we wouldn’t let her.

Anyway, we went to the Frazelles’ around 3:00.  They were out on the beach so Amanda and Milly went straight out there while I grabbed Terry (one of Barry’s surfboards that I use a lot) then went out.  It wasn’t an epic day of waves or anything, but Barry and I caught a few decent ones and had a good time.  I took my spring suit and got hot, so I eventually pulled it off down to my waist.  Barry was impressed that a) it never fell off and b) I was able to catch waves with the sleeves dragging.  He said it was at least a good built-in excuse for any waves I couldn’t catch.  I’ll definitely be out in trunks the next time I surf.

I cut my time in the water a little short so I could go play with Milly, who was contentedly sitting in the shallows and playing with sand.  There was another little girl nearby who was also in a yellow bathing suit named Maggie.  Apparently they’d played some, and Maggie’s big sister, Caroline, seemed to really like Milly.  We all took turns playing with Milly as she kept calling different people to come hang out with her.

We ate after we went back up to the house.  It was the whole Frazelle crew, my family and Leah, one of Hannah’s friends.  Hannah and Leah left before the Reece’s Cup and chocolate ice cream.

We left a bit earlier than usual today because Anna and Barry were going to a friend’s birthday party.  They thought about not going so they could hang out with us and because they’d celebrated the birthday a while back, but I’m glad they went, and we got to have our time with them anyway.

After we got home Michael and Jenn came over to play Ticket to Ride.  It was a pretty tense game, but I won it.

Zach Dotsey