I was a bit grumpy this evening.  I’d had kind of a long day, in part because Milly, who had been absolutely great all day, decided around 3 or 4:00 that she wanted everything she could think to want.  Between that and trying to finish things up, I just got in a sour mood.  So when Amanda asked me to take the recycling with me when I told her I was going to run to the store since we didn’t have any bread or cereal I got a little annoyed.  I mean, I didn’t snap at her or anything like that, though I did grumble some; I just felt irritated.

I knew I’d been a little stupid about her simple request, and when I got back I apologized to her for being grumpy.  She came over to me and gave me a kiss.

The point of this story is that it was almost refreshing how good it felt to apologize for something that really wasn’t even a big deal.

Amanda took Milly outside this evening, but they came back in a couple minutes later.  Milly had fallen and scraped both knees this time.  Apparently my child has forgotten how to walk.  I think it’s the think flip flops she wears.  Maybe we need to stick with thinner shoes.

Have you noticed that most of my Monday posts are pretty short?  That’s because my day is usually taken up with working while trying to watch Milly then watching a little TV when she’s gone to bed.

Yup, same thing today.

Zach Dotsey