Amanda was putting a diaper on Milly this evening and Milly was holding Press Frog (one of her first favorite toys that she rediscovered earlier today).  Amanda called me into the room because Milly was saying something and she couldn’t figure out what it was at first.  She would squeeze Press Frog so it would make music then she’d wag her finger and say whatever it was she was saying.  We finally came to believe that she was saying, “Don’t ever!”

We’re not sure what Press Frog had done to receive such an admonishment, but we are pretty sure that she picked it up from Tangled where Mother Gothel tells Rapunzel, “Don’t ever ask to leave this tower again.”  It was pretty cute.

Work kept me pretty busy today, particularly in the late afternoon.  By the time I got off the phone I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to shower and read Crazy Love.  I did though.

Small group was good, as it has been since we started doing this book.

Amanda watched American Idol when we got home.  She said the final song clinched it for Lauren Alaina.  In the final song she and Scotty McCreery each sang the song that will be their first single should they win the competition.  Scotty’s was a ho-hum song whereas Lauren’s was a tribute to mothers, which she got to sing to her own mother while choking up.  I didn’t see it, but what Amanda said echoes what I’ve already read on the internet.

Amanda suggested clearing off a desk that’s in our room and moving me to work up there during the days, which would give Milly a chance to play in the nursery during the day, which she does seem to enjoy.  Now that we’ve got a door up there, I am actually considering it some.  The negative would be that the laptop would be up in the room and I’d have to move it every night then move it back up in the morning.  That’s not a huge deal, it being a laptop and all, but I prefer not having to move things around too much.

Zach Dotsey