Do you remember me saying that Milly cried for 40 minutes or more last night?  Well, it turns out that she’d dropped her paci outside of the pack & play once again, after we moved her.  Amanda discovered that this morning when she went to get our Bug up.

I spent a portion of the morning working while blueberry pancakes were made downstairs.  They were really, really good.  After breakfast we went to Bounce U, a place very bear Ben and Jessica’s house with a bunch of inflatable play areas: slides, mazes and the like.  Graelyn was absolutely fearless, but Milly was much more guarded.  I don’t think she stood up on a single inflatable.  I think she still had fun though.  Daniel never bothered to even get out of his seat.  (That’s a joke- he’s only a few months old.)

Back at the house, I did a little more work and we all ate lunch.  I took Ben out to drop off his work van then we picked up some groceries.  When the girls got up we took them to a park across the street from Ben and Jessica’s.  We weren’t there long though, since it started raining.  I ran Milly back in her pink stroller and she urged me out, shouting, “Hurry, hurry!”

We discovered that our little camera, the waterproof one I got for Amanda’s birthday a year or two ago, isn’t working.  I think the battery is the issue.  I hope the battery is the issue.

We had baked spaghetti for dinner then experimented with putting the girls in the same room again.  Milly once again told Graelyn to be quiet when she cried after we adults had left the room.  We heard them make some noises, but otherwise they slept fine tonight.  Amanda and I talked about how in a couple years they’ll be able to have a proper sleepover, not falling asleep until late from talking and giggling while they sleep together in the same bed.

We played a few games tonight: Power Grid and three games of Monopoly Deal.  I won every single one of them!  That’s a five game win streak stretching back to Carcassonne last night.  As lucky as I was, I should have bought a lottery ticket.  The girls kept losing and wanting rematches until Jessica, who has come in last in every game we’ve played with her in a long time, finally placed second.

Zach Dotsey