Milly and Graelyn sleeping in same room went just peachy until about 6:45 when Amanda and I heard Milly saying, “Hey, Graelyn!”  There was a lot of chatter (and the occasional fussy noise) for a bit.  Eventually I went and got Milly to bring her into the guest room with me and Amanda, but then Graelyn got upset at being left behind, so I put them both in Daniel’s crib (which he’s not using yet) played Tangled on the iPad at the other end of the crib.  Amazingly, they both sat there for most of the movie until Ben came and got them.  In fact, all I remember either of them saying was Milly when she announced that the part with the lights was about to come on.

We had breakfast then went to the park for a bit longer followed by lunch and a nap for the girls.  Ben’s mom came over to watch the girls while the rest of us left to go to a wine festival at Tanglewood.  We waited in traffic to get to the parking lot for a good thirty minutes I’d say, then we waited a while to get in, even though Jessica had already bought tickets.

We had a good time though.  We made bets about how long we would be standing in line.  I made a note on my phone so we could see who was right.  It was 2:17 when we started the bet.  Amanda said 2:38 then Ben said 2:37.  Jessica said 2:32 and I said 2:39, just to hem in Amanda.

The rules were that it didn’t matter if someone went over, only who was the actual closest (which is part of the reason I said one minute after Amanda, since Ben had said one minute before), and the clock stopped when the first of us got our wristband of admittance on.  The girls wagered that if they won they got to go shopping while Ben and I watched the babies.  Ben and I had certain wagers in mind, but they got vetoed and the girls said they’d go shopping but take Milly and Graelyn.  Ben asked the couple behind us what the wager should be, and without specifically saying it, he said the same thing as me and Ben.  We talked to them a bit throughout our wait.

Oh, Ben won.  At the end were urging the people to get the wristband on Jessica as quick as possible.  When I thought we wouldn’t go in until 2:38 (Amanda’s time) I asked the guy behind us if they wanted to skip us.  I’m glad they didn’t.

We had a nice time at the wine festival.  Ben and I sampled more than the ladies did, but none of us had so much that it affected us.  Ben bought a couple bottles then we headed off.  Getting out of the place was definitely much quicker and easier than getting in.

We picked up some things for dinner on the way home, ate then went to Wolfie’s, a frozen custard place, to meet up with Karen and Casey.  Karen (formerly Malay, can’t remember her last name now) is a friend of Amanda’s from college.  She and Casey recently had a baby, Riley.  She’s a very pretty baby.  Seems like there are a lot of pretty babies lately.

We put Milly and Graelyn in the same room again tonight, and this night we turned on a video monitor.  We got to see them standing up in their respective beds laughing at each other.  Milly would sometimes coax Graelyn, telling her to get up.

I won Power Grid again.  My streak was snapped, however, when Ben won a hand of Monopoly Deal.  That said, if he hadn’t won that round, I was next to go and I would have.  Oh well.  Amanda was demoralized the whole night because there was one time in Power Grid that, had she bought out the oil resources I wouldn’t have been able to buy them that turn, so I wouldn’t have been able to power all my plants and I wouldn’t have had any money so I would have lost and I think she would have won.

She did want to win something though, so after our last game of Monopoly Deal, she and I played again.  I won.

Zach Dotsey