Amanda has recognized that there are some traits Milly seems to have gotten from her side that she’d like to curb, patience being one in particular.  We’re trying to work with Milly on that lately.  She gets very frustrated when her needs are not immediately met (and I say “needs” loosely), like when she wants to look in the fridge to pick out some food or she can’t open something or she wants something in the car that she can’t reach.  Those seem to be the main times that she shows a need for patience.  She seems to be getting it though.

I went into Milly’s room at 8:00 this morning to get her up and found her walking past the door towards either her bed or the changing table.  I don’t think she was actually sneaking, but she looked like she was from the way she was slightly bent over with her shoulder hunched up.  When I walked in she quickly turned her head at me and gave me a big smile.  It could have been construed as a caught-in-the-act smile, but maybe she was just happy to see me.

Amanda worked a bit late today so I ended up getting Milly up from her nap and playing with her in the nursery for a little bit.  Later on, Amanda and Milly went out for a bit, which allowed me to catch up on some work.  Coming off a long weekend and having had an issue with out data center today, it was a pretty long and tedious day for me.

Anyway, Milly had a pretty good day overall.  She sang a song about naptime that she heard on an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba today and has been singing Don’t Stop Don’t Give Up/Keep Trying lately.  Good songs for her to know.

We had half of small group tonight, which was a shame because it was a really good chapter.

Zach Dotsey