Amanda’s mom, Karen, came by the house tonight.  She and Phil, Amanda’s dad, were going to come tomorrow, but Phil couldn’t come until later in the day and Karen wanted to get more time with Milly.  We went to Flaming Amy’s for dinner then went by Toys R Us to look at some present ideas for Milly’s birthday.  She was a little overwhelmed with all the stuff there though, so we didn’t get a good read on what she liked that we had thought about getting her.

We didn’t realize it, but we didn’t leave Toys R Us until almost 8:00, Milly’s bedtime.  She went down after we got home then we decided to watch Shutter Island on Netflix.  I was half watching that and half reading.  At one point Amanda declared that she was pretty bored with it.  We paused it and realized that the movie was almost exactly halfway over.  I wasn’t too into it either, but I think Karen partly was.  We ended up turning it off.  I might go back and watch the rest of it at some point.  The film has a great look to it, and it’s DiCaprio being directed by Scorsese, so you know it’s going to be good, at least on some level.  We were just kind of bored with the first hour of the movie.

Starting back at the beginning of the day, I finished A Game of Thrones this morning and started on A Clash of Kings.  I’m extremely interested to see where it all goes.  I’m on book two of seven (though the final two haven’t yet been published), so I’ve got a long way to go.

Amanda made the best waffles she’s made yet today for breakfast.  I don’t know what she did different, but they were outstanding.

Later in the day, Amanda was making some earrings.  Milly was sitting in her booster seat at the table playing with some beads while she did that.  She wasn’t actually doing anything constructive with them, but it was cute to see.

Speaking of constructive, Amanda spray painted Milly’s little table, the one Milly’s Paw Paw made.  It’s a cheery bright yellow.  Milly was very excited to see it.

Zach Dotsey