I spent a few hours today burning limbs and clippings from what Phil and I cut yesterday.  As you can see from the picture, I had several tree’s worth of debris.  In case you’re wondering, the fire was behind that pile, in the burn pit.  I wasn’t burning that massive pile in the middle of the yard.

The fire burned hot and fast and I was able to get through it a lot more quickly than I thought I would, which was nice because it was about 90 degrees outside today.  I was also able to burn the wood from the front porch’s old railing, which had been sitting in a pile on the side of the house for a long time.  Phil chainsawed the long sections of it into manageable lengths yesterday.

Backing up, today was apparently move-up day for Grow Zone at Port City Community Church.  I thought they just moved kids when they turned a certain age in Grow Zone.  Amanda was afraid that Milly wouldn’t do too well because they have open-topped cups and some of the crafts include using glue, but when I went to pick her up she was very happy and bade a cheery “bye bye” to the people who had been watching her.

Milly was, in fact, in a very good mood this morning.  She was happy and energetic at Atlanta Bread and at Barnes & Noble afterwards.  She did get cranky at the end though, but it was past her normal naptime anyway.  It started when she was getting irate at the trains on the train track and culminated with a meltdown when I told her it was time to go.  She even pinched me as I was carrying her back to the car, so, good or bad, I pinched her back and told her she was going in the corner when we got home.  I don’t plan to renege on punishments in the future, but she was in a better mood in the car and I think too much time had passed by the time we did get home to punish her.  She napped and was good the rest of the day though.

After burning off our yard debris I soaked in the tub and read for a while until Amanda took off for a jewelry or handbag party, some such thing, thrown by Stephanie Moorehead for a friend of hers. She also picked up a few supplied for a tower she’s building for Milly.  It’s modeled after Rapunzel’s tower in Tangled and is to be the centerpiece for Milly’s birthday cupcakes.  Amanda’s doing an admirable job on it.  She spent most of the day working on it and isn’t quite done yet.

Tonight, after putting Milly to bed, we started on Supernatural.  The season is over, but we’re about six or so episodes behind on it.

Happy birthday to Amy Warkentien, by the way!

Zach Dotsey