Milly and I took a walk to the store this morning because we were kind of low on breakfastable foods.  I have never seen so many cars pass through our neighborhood as I did this  morning.  There are two entrances to our neighborhood off a semi-major road, and it just so happened that there was an accident in between those two roads, so police were directing people to cut through the neighborhood in order to get around the accident.

When I got Milly up this morning I let her pick out what she wanted to wear, and she picked out a plaid dress.  One of my favorite pictures of her from the last year was taken in that dress, in which she’s wearing with her jean jacket and black dress shoes.  I noticed that it’s getting too small for her, which saddens me some.

I’ve had a bit of a cough today.  My throat tickled yesterday a little, but it wasn’t bad and I hoped it was nothing.  I took some medicine, so hopefully it won’t be anything.  I think I got it from Milly, because she’s had a little bit of a cough and a runny nose the last few days.

Work kept me pretty busy today and I worked on into the evening.  I took a break to head upstairs when I heard all kinds of running around and (playful) screaming coming from the nursery.  Amanda and Milly were running circles around Milly’s fortress.  Milly kept telling Amanda to run then she bade me join in.  She’s begun calling us friends, as in, “Run, friends!”

The best part though was when Milly put a chain link (the kind you use to hang stuffed animals on mobiles and such, we actually call them bracelets because that’s what Milly uses them for) on Amanda’s head then told her “You’re sooo pretty!”  The way she said it made us crack up.

Zach Dotsey