The Johnsons joined us for dinner tonight and brought presents for Milly, since they will be leaving before her birthday.  Milly was extremely excited to see that she was getting prizes.  Prizes are was she calls surprises, which, over the last few weeks has been toys, food, dessert… all kinds of different things.

Tonight Milly’s prizes were a fairy princess type of dress and a book.  She put the dress on immediately, of course.

After dinner Milly decided she wanted to go upstairs.  We thought she was going to take Jacob to her room and show him her toys, but instead she wanted to take a bath.  Jacob wasn’t up for a bath, but she kept calling, “Bath with Jacob” from the tub while he was calling her name, “Mimi,” (just like she calls herself!) from downstairs.

Once the kids were put down we older kids played a game of Carcassonne and a game of Settlers of Catan.  I won Carcassonne, thank in large part to Amanda trying to screw the rest of us over.

Reece, Stephanie and I all had cities in close proximity to each other and Amanda decided to stick a cathedral tile in the middle of it all, constantly adding roads around it to make it more difficult to finish it off.  With only a few tiles remaining in the game, Stephanie found the exact piece needed to close it off, giving me, her and Reece 40-some points.  Amanda had been in the lead literally the entire game and ended up in last place because of it.  It was an all-round high-scoring game though.

Reece won Catan.  It was pretty close too, and I think with a few turns of luck it could have gone to anyone.  He and Steph seemed to have control of the game early on though, and I was just glad to be at all close.  This was the first time they’d been introduced to our homemade Catan.

I’m glad we got to hang out with the Johnsons tonight.  We won’t be seeing them for a while.

With my initial test site doing well, I’ve decided to expand on some website ideas I’ve been brewing up.  Josh was kind enough to set up a virtual private server for me in exchange for some undisclosed future WordPress work.  The first site I’m setting up, which I was able to work on a little today, will serve as sort of a hub of the other sites I’m setting up.  It’ll actually be pretty similar to my test site in content.

Once that’s done, the real work begins.  I’m excited to see where it goes.

Speaking of being excited about where it goes, I had a discussion with Scott today about a different new direction we’ll be taking things in a couple of months.  Instead of splitting the company up we’re going to do a major refocus.  We’ll see how it goes.

Total side note, Milly’s been on a bit of a Special Agent Oso kick lately.  The songs from the show are stuck in my head pretty badly right now.

Zach Dotsey