Milly got under the kitchen table this morning and wanted me to get under there with her, which reminded me that Jamie Andrews had given her a tent for her birthday.  I told her to wait a minute and I’d have something to show her, so I opened up the tend and unfolded it then got inside it and called her to come over.  Once she got in it she was giddy.  I mean she was laughing and clapping, she was so excited about it.  Of course, there was only just enough room for me and her in it.  Later on Milly, Amanda and I all got in it and there was no room at all.

Milly kept wanting me to stand up at first, not realizing that I didn’t at all have room to do that.  I finally did, which raised it off the floor since there’s no bottom to it.  She gave that request up pretty quick, but I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Come on, Daddy” today, which usually followed her grabbing my hand and leading me to the tent.  She really likes it.

Speaking of Jamie, Amanda was going to take Milly over to play with Noah today, but he was sick.  Noah, as you may recall, called Milly before her birthday party and sang his own version of Happy Birthday to her.  He’s apparently been talking about Milly a lot lately too.

Amanda and Milly played a game today where Amanda would hide then when Milly found her she’d run away screaming, which Milly found to be very entertaining.  I joined in after I finished work.

Milly didn’t nap much today, which became apparent around 6:15 or so.  She fussed a good bit but eventually relented and played outside in the sandbox, where she had me use molds to make shapes in sand that hardly stuck together.  We weren’t out there too long before Amanda called us in for supper though.  She made some rice that Milly ate plain while Amanda and I finished off the curry from Indochine Amanda had for lunch the other day.

Amanda complained that her back had been bothering her the last couple days, so I gave her a back massage.  She had some huge knots, particularly in the right shoulder.

A Storm of Swords has be down.  Robb Stark is making bad decisions and I think he’s going to end up dying.  Really, the Starks can’t get a break.  I really hope things end well for that family.  You hear me, George R. R. Martin?  If Robb doesn’t die, let him be happy in the end, I don’t know what to wish for Jon except maybe that he somehow brings about peace with the Wildlings,  let Sansa marry a good lord who gives her a fine life, let Bran and Rickon come back safe, let Arya become the little ass-kicker we all know she’s going to be and let Catelyn enjoy lots of grandchildren and let Winterfell be rebuilt stronger then before.

Yeah, I’m a nerd and I get sucked into things.

Oh, I can’t believe I forgot to mention how my day started!  I heard Amanda yelling for me shortly after she got out of bed.  I ran downstairs to have her tell me that water was running out of the freezer.  She figured out how to turn it off, but we had no idea how long it had been running.  It had been for a little while at least, because the ice container was full of ice and water, the bottom level of the freezer was full of water, water had run down the front inside of the main part of the fridge and there was a lot of water on our tile floor.  I can say that our floor is now much cleaner, particularly the part under the fridge.  Another plus is that Amanda told me I looked cute cleaning up the kitchen in my underwear.  She, of course, had to get ready and go to work, so the only thing I asked her to help with was to get get the refrigerator started back to its place against the wall.  She apologized for waking me up early to take care of something like that, but what was there to apologize for?

Amanda did figure out how to turn off the water.  We turned it back on this evening and we’re only getting ice from it so far, which is good.  We’re now considering buying a new refrigerator, which is something we’ve talked about before.  Optimally, we want something with a freezer drawer at the bottom and double doors.  It would give our tiny kitchen a good bit more room.  Of course, fridges aren’t cheap.

Zach Dotsey