I had a very busy morning this morning.  To make it busier, we had a tricky schedule with the car as I had a  meeting at 1:00, Amanda was supposed to meet her grandparents plus her great-aunt and -uncle Patsy and Bobby Greene.  To make it trickier plus, Amanda had some last minute things to do at work.  We got it all worked out though.  I dropped Amanda and Milly off at the mall and made it to my meeting right on time, which was before the person I met with got there.  (That’s not a slam- I was told they’d probably be a few minutes late, and I had plenty to do while waiting anyway.)

There wasn’t a whole lot else going on with the day.  I picked my girls up from the mall and saw the aforementioned relations plus Anna.  I took Milly by the carousel but the operator wasn’t there.  At first Milly didn’t want to get on it anyway, but then she did, and then she showed us how distraught she was all the way to the car.

Amanda, Milly and I went outside for a bit.  Milly rode her tricycle down the slight incline of our yard along the walkway.  I thought she was peddling, but since she showed no signs of being able to use the pedals thereafter, I think it was just that she’d had her feet on the pedals while they were turning and gravity was pulling the trike forward.  So I think the answer to my title line is no.

She spent some time sitting on the tricycle with me pushing her around and some time pushing the empty tricycle around herself.  The bugs were eating us (or at least me) up, so we weren’t out too terribly long.  Pretty much just long enough for Amanda to make some pizza from the leftover party dough.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched some more Arrested Development.  I decided to fall asleep on the couch around 10:30 and went upstairs around 4:00.  I’m not very tired and think I’ll read some.

Zach Dotsey