Amanda and Milly went to the park and met up with the Andrewses today.  To hear it from Amanda it sounds like Noah’s in love with Milly.  Jamie said he mentions her at random sometimes and he called to sing her Happy Birthday last Saturday.  Amanda said he was trying to play with her today, but she mostly ignored him until she was running on up and down the bleacher ramps (something she loves to do) and he started doing that with her.  She would tell him to go and he’d go, and once he fell down and she thought it was funny so he kept doing it a bunch to make her laugh.  How sweet is that?  Or what does this say about Milly and the attitude she’ll have towards guys?  Hmm.

Amanda brought home some BoJangles and sweetened the deal with an order of Bo Biscuits.  Good times.

Milly was both very talkative and very affectionate today.  I can’t recall all the stuff I heard her say from my office today, but I do remember her trying to order our pets to eat.  Amanda told her we were going to go to Barnes & Noble, and she started saying that.  I can’t quite remember how she said it, but I think it ended in “bo-bo.”  When we were on our way there she said “Oh my goodness!”  It was pretty clear and it was seemingly out of nowhere.  She said it a few times, and then when we passed one shop (which had bikes in it, though I don’t think it was a bike shop), she said, “”Oh my goodness!  Look at all the bikes!”  Not as clear as all that, but you could tell what she was saying.  Or at least Amanda and I could.  I think it was reasonably clear.

We spent some time at Mayfaire, grabbed a small bite to eat and ate outside at Atlanta Bread then went on home.  I took care of a small errand for some friends who are out of town then came home.  Milly was in bed shortly after that.

She was in such a good mood today, my daughter.  I think what I liked best was when we walked out of Barnes & Noble and I was carrying her.  I was giving her kisses and tickling her and we were having such a nice time.  She was laughing so hard and being so sweet.

Amanda and I only have seven or eight Arrested Development episodes left after tonight.

Zach Dotsey