Amanda and I bid farewell to Arrested Development tonight.  Yes, we finally finished watching it, and yes, I know the show has been off the air for five years.  I think the second season was my favorite, though I loved it all and am looking forward to the movie coming out next year.  I liked all the parallels the final episode had with the first one.

Milly was very good for most of the day today.  She was particularly playful and wanted me to bring her tent back downstairs.  After she got me in it she insisted that I stand up, though I tried to explain to her that I was too big to stand up in it.  She kept insisting though, so I did and she seemed to get annoyed that the bottom of the tent was suddenly higher than her waist.

Milly has been saying “please” a lot when she’s asking for things lately, without having to be prompted at all.  It’s great that she’s learning to be polite, but it’s also hard for me and Amanda to say no when she does that.  We’ll move past that soon, I’m sure.

Another cute thing she’s been doing lately is when we change her diaper and it’s just pee, she’ll say, “No poop, just pee pee.”  Thanks for letting me know, kid.

My oldest friend turned 33 today.  Happy birthday to Jason Revill.  I got to talk to him for a little bit.  Liz got him a sweet Old 97’s tour poster that he took a picture of and forwarded to me.  We talked about the usual- TV, video games and comics.  I don’t have another friend I can geek out with as much as I do him.  Love ya, buddy.

Zach Dotsey