Milly already had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios to snack on without milk, but she wanted Froot Loops instead.  I told her she could have some after she ate her Honey Nut Cheerios first and put the little bowl on the table.  She came by a few moments later, picked up the bowl and walked off further into the kitchen.

“Good,” I thought.  Then I realized where she was heading.

“All done,” she said as she reached for the lid of the trash can.

I got to her before she dumped anything out.  I didn’t feel like fighting a battle though, so I sprinkled some Froot Loops in with the Honey Nut Cheerios.  She took that and seemed happy enough, so she wandered off to her chair in the living room.

I walked in there a few minutes later to find her bowl sitting on the chair with the contents dumped out.  A few Froot Loops remained, but it looked like none of the Honey Nut Cheerios had been touched.

“Milly,” I inquired.  “What happened to your cereal?”

My two-year-old looked at the pile of cereal and said, “Oh no!”

“Milly,” I said after laughing, “you’re too clever by half.”

Zach Dotsey