We had a pretty full Saturday today, out little family.  After eating leftover waffles (warmed up and still good!) we let Milly play outside in the sandbox while Amanda cut my hair.  After that we went to Banana Republic to exchange a hat Amanda got me for Father’s Day because it was a little too small.  I ended up getting a different color as well.  She had originally bought me a green fedora, and I liked it, but there was a straw colored one that we both agreed looked a little better on me so I got that one instead.  Milly wasn’t a huge fan of it period though, because I was carrying her when we left the store and she took the hat off my head.

The hat had been marked down, so we actually got a gift card back too.  I almost bought some pants that had been marked down and were on sale, but the kind of exposed my junk.  I tried a size larger, but they were too large.

While Amanda was making the exchange Milly, who had been fussing while I was trying on the pants, lead me to the front of the store and started throwing down some pretty crazy dance moves.

After Banana Republic we went to Barnes & Noble so Milly could play with the train for a bit.  She didn’t want to leave, but it was getting on noon o’clock, we had a couple more stops to make before going home and we figured she’d need a nap before long.

Out first stop was The Fuzzy Peach.  No, not a necessity, but we enjoyed it.  I think Milly ate about half of my cup of froyo.  After that we stopped at Blue Moon to pick up a present for someone.  We walked around there a bit to look at what they had.  Milly really liked one booth that had a bunch of girly flower things.  She had Amanda stuff a bunch of flowered hairbands (headbands?) on her head, which was an interesting look, as you can see.

We got home and put Milly down for a nap until a little after 5:00.  In that time I played some online multiplayer Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood while Amanda watched The Bachelorette and some Days of Our Lives.  I actually played the multiplayer Assassin’s Creed last night and really enjoyed it.  It’s pretty intense, I think.  You wander around a place; town, village, whatever, trying to find your assassination target.  At the same time, other people are trying to assassinate you, and unless they’re running around or jumping up buildings, it’s not very obvious which onscreen people are players and which are computerized bots.  I’ve gotten pretty decent and, when playing with people of or near my own level, have been pretty good at ranking towards the top of the games I’ve played.  I really like it, but it’s certainly something I can see people not liking if they want the immediate action of a first person shooter.

We noticed some new wet spots on the upstairs ceiling.  They didn’t feel wet and I didn’t see anything that would have caused it in the attic, but it’s still troubling.  I’m not entirely sure what to do about it.

We also watched two episodes of The Soup, then when Milly got up we decided to take her back out and went to the park.  I called Nick to see if he and Eli wanted to join us, but Amy was working and had the car with their car seat in it.

It had been really hot outside, but it cooled down enough by the time we got to the park that it wasn’t at all uncomfortable out.  There was a nice breeze too.  After that we decided to go to Brixx for dinner.  We were wondering if we were going to regret that decision because Milly was very fussy when we first got there, but by the time the pizza arrived she was fine.

We got home and put Milly right down to bed.  I happened to look at the clock and saw that it was exactly 8:00 when we’d finished with her.  We sat around for a bit then played a game of Carcassonne (because we were both feeling too lazy to play anything requiring a setup).  I won, 200-173.  Amanda said she was demoralized, but it was actually a closer game than the score indicated.  One more piece and she’d have finished off a giant city with a cathedral in it.  Fortunately for me, I kept drawing the pieces she needed.

I saw on Facebook that the grandfather of an old friend of mine was recently hospitalized.  Long story short, he was helping someone then accidentally got knocked back and hit his head and hasn’t been doing well since.  There’s even more to it than that, but please keep them in your prayers.

Zach Dotsey