Amanda and I watched Black Swan tonight.  Man, Natalie Portman’s character in that movie was so driven and wound up that I was starting to feel wound up watching it.  The end of the movie was kind of a relief in several ways.

This will have been the quickest turnaround we’ve had for a Netflix movie.  Usually we get a movie and end up watching it a couple weeks later, but Black Swan just came today and it’s already back in the mailbox.

Amanda and I are beginning to suspect that Milly gets up and plays with her toys during the night.  Or something.  If you recall, she got tired and cranky early yesterday and she got tired and crankier even earlier today.  I got her up after 8:00, she was back down before 9:00 and she was down for several hours.  I did turn on the monitor to listen for her, and I heard her talking to her toys, but it was shortly before Amanda was to get home and she sounded pretty happy, so I just let her play for a bit.

But yeah, something’s going on.  I mean, usually she’s up between 8:00 and 8:30 and goes down for a nap around 11:00.  And it’s not like she’s just fussing for a minute so I throw her in her room- she’s legitimately tired.  I can see it in her attitude, yes, but also in her eyes and the fact that when I take her upstairs she grabs her blanket and paci and settles right down into bed.  That’s probably the biggest indicator right there.  I think it’s time to remove a few toys from her room or something.

Other than that, Milly was pretty good today.  She’s doing little new things all the time, or saying things or just doing things better.  She’s gotten to where she doesn’t mind counting again and in playing with her toys this morning she had Woody and Zoubear and said in her high-pitched toy-talking voice, “High five,” then said it again in her regular voice and slapped their hands together.  I’d done that with them yesterday.  She also seems to enjoy throwing things away when she’s done with them, so we should probably start monitoring the kitchen trash can.  Finally, she did about half a rotation of a pedal on her tricycle this evening before bed.  I think she’ll get it soon.

Work has been pretty busy lately.  I’ve been requested for a number of meetings and phone calls.  I guess everyone’s trying to get stuff done before the July 4th weekend.

Zach Dotsey