Milly has been so fun lately.  This morning she wanted to watch The Incredibles and asked me to sit on the couch with her.  She curled up against me with a blanket and paci and we watched most of it before I excused myself to get some work done.  Later, she and Amanda were playing with phones and Amanda had her call me.  She just babbled on and on about who knows what, but it was cute.  Yesterday she passed me in the hall and said, “Whatchoo doin’?”  She kept repeating it no matter what my answer was.

She’s taken to spinning in circles lately, particularly right before she goes to bed.  She’ll either turn around and around or run in a circle and get dizzy, and she’ll usually ask me to do it along with her.

We went out back for a little bit this evening and she had me follow her around the yard as she dragged a little plastic wagon behind her.  She made a few laps.

During dinner the news was on and it showed some footage of NC State football.  Milly started chanting “Let’s go Duke!” and waving her right arm.  I put on the Duke-Carolina game at Cameron from 2010 (the 82-50 blowout, which is still on the DVR) and she kicked her chanting into overdrive.

While I was still working Milly brought a pan and a ladle into my office.  She scooped up some air and gave me a sample.  I told her it was delicious.  In the interest of full disclosure, her mom suggested that she give me some to try.

This evening before bed, Milly did the thing where she and Amanda ran around her room screaming then Amanda told me I was being requested.  After we finished running around Amanda and I read Milly some nursery rhymes that Milly was repeating.  Amanda got up and did I’m a Little Teapot and Milly ran over to sing and dance it with her.

She’s also remembering prayers.  Milly was repeating us line for line and when we got to “Let us thank Him for our food,” Milly went ahead to the next line: “By His hands.”

Really, Milly’s just so fun right now.

So, what else happened today?  Amanda watched Eli for a little while.  As usual he was pretty much entirely focused on toys, and of course he napped part of the time.  He also had a big stinky poo that I could smell in the living room from the office.

Amanda and I watched the most recent episode of Falling Skies then I tried to get her to watch Game of Thrones with me.  I might have been able to get her hooked like I did with the first season of The Office by just having it on and watching it while she’s around, but she had several phone calls tonight so I knew there was no chance.  At least not tonight.

One call did come in for me.  It was Josh, my sister’s husband.  He was finally opening their copy of the game Dominion and had a couple of questions about the cards and set up.  I hope they enjoyed it.

I feel a little sad that I’m in-between books right now.  There were several times today that I wanted to pull out my iPhone and start reading on it, but I don’t want to start anything else just yet.  On the plus side, I’m not having to recharge the phone battery every single day.

Zach Dotsey